Remain a mere talk show at the playing square!

More, from the website of the same candidate ( (yes, yes, a PNG image of text rather than actual text):

My Top Legislative Issues:

In the preivous legislative dispensations, there are several key issues left unattended to. And this has greatly stunted the economic growth of the Great American nation which hitherto has remained the hub of global development in the promotion and defense of democracy, frontally fighting terrorism through military and intelligence cooperation, championing human rights activism and offering financial aids and support social services to other nations especially the Third World countries otherwise known as Developing Nations. As a prospective Senator of the United States of America, my primary assignment is to initiate ddecisions target at revamping the sliding economic fortunes of America. And in tandem with the executive arm, we will arrest growing unemployment index through job creation while dealing w ith the issue debt ceiling among sundry challenges. I will sponsor a bill to mitigate the effects of threatening unemployment rate in the country. On the economy, I will be in the forefrong for tax reform a nd job creation campaign as we strive to stem the rising debt profile in the system.

Healthy people are wealth people: therefore, since the Obamacare health service delivery have become jinxed with unprecedented controversy, I will proffer a better healthcare package through a bill that will benefit every American starting from California State which I represent. I will be instrumental to forging mutual understanding between the Presidency and the legislative aim in resolving every knotty issue that had created impasse in the previous legislative dispensations in the overall interest of American people. Such critical issues like our foreign policy, same sex marriage, immigration, gun control, and war on drugs among others will receive immediate attention if i’m voted in to ably represent California in the next legislative dispensation. American work force will receive commensurate wages in line with increassed minimum wage as approved by president Obama. This would ultimately help millions of Americans support their families and lessen reliance on government assistance. I will present bills to further raise the minimum wage in terms with the economic reality in our country. Finally, I want to reassure you good citizens of America that the diminishing status being ascribed to America as a “Glorified Third World Nation” in some quarters will remain a mere talk show at the playing square and not the truth about our dear America!

Therefore, I urge you good people of California to please entrust me with your mandate to give you a worthy and productive representation at the upper legislative chamber in Washington DC come next year. I promise to keep faith with you as my words remain in my covenant with you.


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