local democrats for Trump?

According to http://www.mercurynews.com/politics-government/ci_29631091/democrats-conflicted-trump-candidacy-reaches-tipping-point, many bay area Democrats are hoping for Donald Trump to win the Republican primary because they think he’ll be easy to beat.

I *hope* they’re right, but I strongly suspect they are wrong.

I mean, Mr. Trump won’t win in California; I think that’s clear.

But in Ohio? Virginia? Florida? Pennsylvania?

I think it can be done.

Mr. Trump is tapping into a real, deep anger. The white lower middle class has experienced more than a generation of economic decline and (rightly) believes its concerns are ignored by both political parties. Mr. Trump is playing to and enflaming their anger and hoping to ride the anger to power. And, sadly, Sen. Clinton is a *terrible* foil for that anger – not only is she the establishment’s choice, her husband was one of the people who *orchestrated* the Democratic party’s move away from advocating for the interests of the working class and towards advocating for the interests of the financier and rentier classes.

Which is to say: I think Mr. Trump has a better chance of winning a general election than most people give him credit for, and so the people quoted in the article strike me as being crazy people playing with fire.

Fire is fun to play with, to be sure. But exercise some care!


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