Next up – Kary English’s _Totaled_, available at

Go read it before reading my reaction.


I will be voting this story above NO AWARD. I may be rating it first in the category (a decision I can’t make before reading the others).

This story … for me this story represents some of the best of what science fiction _can be_. It’s got atmosphere; it’s got character; it’s got an interesting idea and looks at the *social* and *emotional* implications of the implementation of that idea.

I find the underlying political premise unlikely, and I’m aware that that unlikely political premise – and the way it gives rise to a dystopia – is likely a big part of why the puppies like this story.

But I don’t care; however unlikely the premise is, the resulting story is well crafted and well executed. The story drew me in; I *cared* about the protagonist.

It’s *not* as well done as the famous 1960s story it most calls to mind; but that would be unreasonable to expect :).


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