This is a very, very, very bad idea.

An attorney in southern California has filed a petition with the Secretary of State, asking that he be allowed to circulate an initiative called the “Sodomite Suppression Act” (which would, among other things, mandate the death penalty for any same-sex sexual conduct, and would authorize vigilantes to enforce the law if the state refused to do so). Under California’s system there’s basically nothing anyone can do to prevent the petition from circulating.

According to, *seventeen thousand* angry activists have signed an online petition asking the California Bar to disbar him.

As one might expect, I detest this initiative and am angry that anyone would circulate it or sign it.

And yet – asking the state bar to disbar him because he’s circulating an initiative that you are horrified by? I can’t get behind that. The state bar should *not* be in the position of punishing lawyers for their involvement in political activism.

Demonstrate that he refused a client because of their sexual orientation – or, worse, accepted that client and then deliberately sabotaged the client’s interests – and you’ve got grounds for disbarment. But this? Not a chance.


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